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I’m in the 3rd year of recording all the films I watch – I use a site called Letterboxd to help me keep track of these. For many films listed here, instead of a review, short comments were added. Please don’t let the comments cloud your decision to watch or to avoid the film. Decide that on your own. I wrote some longer reviews on Letterboxd – those links are included.

Just remember my mantra: I am no film expert. But I LOVE movies.

2024 Film Diary

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“Television” Series

In addition to films, I thought it might help my own sanity to log the series I watch. I only wished I’d done this sooner. I cannot find a site like Letterboxd that does that same thing only for series (Should I use the word “television” because that seems too narrow?). The following link will take you to my list of “television” series I’ve viewed – I am going to add titles to it retrospectively so the dating and order may not be relevant. I may change all this when I get it more developed.